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Do you need an excuse to watch Pokemon again? Of course not! But if you’d like one anyway, the Pokemon drinking game will give you one that will have you singing “Gotta drink it all, gotta drink it all!” This simple TV show drinking game involves watching the Pokemon anime show with enough alcohol to intoxicate a Rhyhorn. Playing the Pokemon drinking game is easy: turn on the anime (now on Netflix), and gather your drinks and fellow Poke-geeks. Follow the rules we provide below and you will no doubt be feeling like a Psyduck the next morning.

Number of players: 1 or more
Difficulty: easy
Time to play: about 30 minutes per episode

Great for:

  • Two people
  • Dates
  • Small groups of friends
  • Small groups of strangers
  • Parties
  • Pre-gaming

Pokemon Drinking Game Rules

The Pokemon drinking game requires you to drink according to the rules below. Be warned: this game will very likely get you drunk quickly; if you wish to keep it tame like an Oddish, take out a few rules.

Drink once when:

  • Pikachu says his name
  • Ash uses his Pokedex
  • Brock makes food
  • Brock hits on a girl
  • Misty mentions her bike
  • Team Rocket goes “blasting off again”
  • Meowth gets hit on the head
  • You see officer Jenny
  • You see nurse Joy
  • Ash says something obvious about Pokemon

Drink twice (or chug) when:

  • Team Rocket says their motto
  • A Pokemon evolves

Finish your drink (or take a shot) when:

  • Ash catches a Pokemon
  • Ash earns a badge

If you believe you may have a drinking problem, please see the Mayo Clinic alcohol use disorder resource for more information.

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