Never Have I Ever Drinking Game

Never Have I Ever Drinking Game

This is a simple game that only requires you, one or more friend(s), and alcoholic beverages. It's a turn-based question game that is both revealing and intoxicating (literally).

What You'll Need

Lots of Alcohol


Number of players: 2 or more
Difficulty: easy
Time to play: Any amount of time

Great for:

  • Two people
  • Dates
  • Small groups of friends
  • Small groups of strangers
  • Parties
  • Sexy parties
  • Pre-gaming

Never Have I Ever Drinking Game Rules

Never have I ever is one of the easiest drinking games out there. Begin by sitting in a circle (or circle-like) group. If you’re a pair, just sit near each other. Facing the group is important though so have everyone’s attention to play correctly. Moving clockwise or counterclockwise, each player takes a turn saying a “never have I ever…” statement. Anyone in the group who has done the thing stated by that player will take a drink. This continues until the group decides to stop or everyone has passed out.

Pro Tips:

  • Make statements that don’t pertain to you.
  • Make statements that pertain to as much of the group as possible.
  • Target someone in the group you know well.
  • Don’t be too revealing about any one person if it’s uncalled for.

If you believe you may have a drinking problem, please see the Mayo Clinic alcohol use disorder resource for more information.

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