Monopoly Drinking Game

Monopoly Drinking GameCourtesy of William Warby

Roll the dice and get drunk with power with the Monopoly drinking game. It’s no longer just about hotels, money, and passing go…it’s about beer. The Monopoly drinking game is a good way to get tipsy if you have some time to kill and Monopoly at hand.

Number of players: 2-8
Difficulty: medium
Time to play: about 120 minutes per game

Great for:

  • Two people
  • Small groups of friends
  • Small groups of strangers
  • Parties

Monopoly Drinking Game Rules

The rules of the Monopoly drinking game are quite simple. Play the game as normal, and throw in the list of rules provided below. The game ends as usual, or when only one player is left conscious.

  • Drink when you land on a property owned by someone else
  • Drink if you mortgage a property
  • Drink if you roll doubles
  • Drink three times if they own all of that color properties
  • Take a shot (or three drinks) if you land on a hotel
  • Finish your drink if you go to jail
  • Finish your drink if you go bankrupt
  • Choose someone to take two drinks if you land on ‘GO’.
  • Choose someone to drink twice if the bank owes you money
  • Everyone else drinks if you land on free parking

If you believe you may have a drinking problem, please see the Mayo Clinic alcohol use disorder resource for more information.

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