Chandelier Drinking Game

Chandelier Drinking GameCourtesy of TheATUWonderBoy

The chandelier drinking game is a simple combination of beer pong and flip cup. If you like to play games that require a small amount of skill and will likely get you and your friends drunk, then chandelier is your drinking game. You will need some red cups, a ping pong, a table, and some beer. While the chandelier drinking game can be played by two people, we highly recommend you have at least three people for this game.

Number of players: 3 or more
Difficulty: easy
Time to play: Any amount of time

Great for:

  • Small groups of friends
  • Small groups of strangers
  • Parties
  • Pre-gaming

Chandelier Drinking Game Rules

To play the chandelier drinking game, gather the following supplies:

  • 1 cup per person playing (this can be a red solo cup or a larger beer glass)
  • 1 extra red solo cup
  • 1 ping pong
  • 1 table (the more square/round the better)
  • beer
  • more beer

Everyone should gather around the table spaced out evenly. Place 1 cup in the very center of the table. TIP: You can elevate this cup with another cup placed upside down to make the game a little extra challenging. Fill this cup with beer all the way full. Now fill each players cup with some amount of beer (we recommend 1/4 full; 1/2 if you’re a hard ass). Place each players filled cup around the center cup in a circle.

Each player takes a turn trying to bounce the ping pong ball into other players cups. Follow these rules:

  • If your ball lands in another player’s cup, they must drink their cup and refill it.
  • If your ball lands in your own cup, you must drink and refill your cup.
  • If you ball lands in the center cup:
    • Everyone drinks their cup quickly and starts playing flip cup.
    • The last person to successfully drink and flip their cup must chug the center cup.
    • Fill and replace the center cup as well as each players’ cup.

The game ends simply when everyone is hammered to the point of satisfaction.

Check out this video for a quick look at some people playing the chandelier drinking game.

If you believe you may have a drinking problem, please see the Mayo Clinic alcohol use disorder resource for more information.

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